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Tenant Resources

In the State of Iowa and the City of Davenport, landlords and tenants have certain basic rights and requirements that are intended to protect both parties and the owner’s investment. It takes the joint effort of investorowners, tenants and the City to ensure a quality rental market in Davenport.

Tenant's Guide to Renting in Davenport

Our Tenant’s Guide to Renting in Davenport provides information on:

  • Tenant responsibilities
  • Landlord responsibilities
  • Ten important tenant rights: Repairs, rent increases, retaliation, taking tenants property, deposits, lockouts/utility shut-offs, landlords’ right to enter, landlords’ notice to move out, tenants’ notice of moving and evictions

Download, View or Print a Copy of the Guide

Tenant Responsibilities

Picture of a Rental AgreementTenant responsibilities:

  • Know what property maintenance services the rental agreement covers or does not cover, such as mowing or snow shoveling. If you are responsible for mowing or snow shoveling, and the property is not mowed or snow is not shoveled, the City may mow or remove snow from the property and charge for the expense.
  • Rental property is subject to the same public health and property maintenance codes applied city-wide.  It is a tenant’s responsibility to ensure proper disposal of waste.

Find more information on Property Maintenance Codes at this Link


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