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City Council


226 West 4th Street
Davenport, IA52801
The Davenport City Council consists of 10 alderman; 2 at-large and 8 ward alderman.  Each alderman is elected on a city-wide ballot during an election held in November of odd numbered years.  Terms begin in January of the even numbered year and are two years long. 

Every resident in Davenport is represented by three alderman - the two at-large alderman, who represent the city as a whole, and the ward alderman for the area they reside in.  Unsure of which ward you live in?  Visit the Scott County Auditor's Precinct Finder to find out or visit the City of Davenport ward map. 

Newly elected officials are on-boarded by city staff prior to their terms starting in January.  Each elected official meets with staff in order to gain knowledge of city policy and how each department operates.   They're also given a binder packed full of information ranging from "Quick Facts" about the city and department organizational charts to copies of State of Iowa code regarding public records.  Residents can view a copy of the on-boarding book by clicking the link below.

Elected Officials On-Boarding Book (created January 2020)

Official Duties of the city council:
  • Passes ordinances, sets policies, and approves the annual budget, contracts, and zoning changes.
  • Attend weekly Council meetings to address issues and concerns in the community.
  • Responds to constituents' concerns.


2022-2023 Davenport City Council

Kyle Gripp JJ Condon
At Large
Alderman Kyle Gripp

Ward Info & Bio
At Large
Alderman JJ Condon

Coming Soon

Rick Dunn Maria Dickmann Marion Meginnis Robby Ortiz
Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4
Alderman Rick Dunn
Ward Info & Bio
Alderwoman Maria Dickmann
Ward Info & Bio
Alderwoman Marion Meginnis
Ward Info & Bio
Image Coming Soon
Ward Info & Bio
Tim Kelly
Ben Jobgen
Derek Cornette Judith Lee
Ward 5 Ward 6 Ward 7 Ward 8
Image Coming Soon Alderman Ben Jobgen Derek Cornette headshot Alderwoman Judith Lee
Ward Info & Bio
Ward Info & Bio
Ward Info & Bio
Ward Info & Bio