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Solid Waste

The City of Davenport offers premier curbside collection service to all single-family through three-plex multi-family households within city limits. The Solid Waste fee collected for this service includes garbage, recycling, bulky waste, free bundled brush collection and no sticker yard waste weeks.

Calendars | Collection Schedule

2024 Recycling & Bulky Waste (Solid Waste) Calendar

You choose how you want to receive solid waste reminders.

A) A print copy of the Recycling and Bulky Waste (Solid Waste) Calendar will now be included in your 4th Quarter Newsletter.

  1. Open your October, November or December Utility Bill,
  2. Locate the City Quarterly Newsletter found inside the envelope,
  3. Cut out the calendar for your route and place on your refrigerator or other convenient location for solid waste reminders at a glance.

B) Didn't receive a newsletter or want to print a calendar? Click Here to Download and Print the North Calendar; Click Here to Download and Print the South Calendar

Not sure whether you are in the North or South Route?  Check out this map.

C) Other Personalized Options. Our personalized options provide opportunities to add the schedule for your address to an existing Outlook or Google calendar, sign-up for reminders via text, and to print a copy of the schedule for your address. You can even choose no calendar and just use the on-line tool anytime you have a question about collection dates or what goes where in solid waste. 

D) I only want a list of the holidays that change the schedule. Click here for a holiday only schedule. 

2023 Recycling & Bulky Waste (Solid Waste) Calendar

The 2023 calendar is available for pickup at the Davenport Public Works Center during business hours of 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Questions, call 563.326.7923.

How confident are you in what goes where when it comes to solid waste? Play the QC Recycling Quest waste sorting game! You might be surprised!


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