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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency management includes: prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.  Emergency response plans and procedures are in place, and are continually reviewed and updated to support the resilience of our community to a variety of hazards.

Emergency preparedness is a collective effort of many. While departments such as police, fire or public works will lead various emergency response and management activities, all city departments and other community stakeholders and essential services are necessary to support emergency planning and management activities as needed when preparing for hazards, during and after emergency events. 

You are also an important part of response and recovery to any emergency.

We have assembled a number of resources at this location to help you prepare for emergencies.

  • Emergency Preparedness Guide.  As a component of the City and County's Energy Assurance Plan, the City and County were able to develop an emergency preparedness guide. This comprehensive guide provides clear information about ways the Community can stay informed, be prepared, lower risk, prepare for and recover from many natural disasters and other events that cause short and long term disruption of energy resources. The guide provides information on warning sirens, what to do with animals in an emergency, how to prepare if you require prescriptions and more.


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