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Red Light / Speed Camera Violations

In August of 2004, the Davenport Police Department began an automated traffic enforcement program called Red Means Stop when five intersections were fitted with cameras that take photographs of vehicles that run red lights.


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Violation notices are then sent to the registered owners of the vehicles, who are held responsible under a Davenport City Ordinance. Those present locations are:

  • Kimberly Rd. at Brady St., eastbound and westbound 
  • Welcome Way at Kimberly Rd, southbound
  • Harrison St. at 35th St., southbound 
  • Locust St. at Lincoln Ave., eastbound and westbound

In January of 2006, the Davenport Police Department expanded its automated enforcement efforts to include speed enforcement. This program is called No Need for Speed. The existing red light camera systems will be increasing the number approaches that are covered at each intersection by the camera systems, allowing them to photograph additional vehicles that violate the red lights. These intersections are also being upgraded to allow the camera systems to photograph vehicles that are speeding. Those vehicle owners will be cited under an ordinance similar to the automated red light ordinance. The following fixed speed enforcement sites are in operation:

  • Kimberly Rd. at Brady St., eastbound 
  • Harrison St. at 35th St., southbound
  • Locust St. at Lincoln Ave., eastbound
  • 1800 W. 3rd St. (3rd St. at Pine St.), eastbound
  • 3300 N. Division St., southbound
  • 2600 N. Brady St., northbound
  • 1200 E. River Dr., westbound

The Davenport Police Department has also deployed a mobile speed enforcement vehicle. This vehicle will be staffed by police department personnel and will utilize a laser and camera system that can move to various areas around the City of Davenport that experience speeding problems.

Automated enforcement has the goal of reducing the number and severity of traffic crashes in the City of Davenport. Fixed red light and speed enforcement locations have been chosen based on traffic collision data. (Click here to learn more about how automated enforcement reduces crashes.)  These areas have an inordinate number of traffic collisions, compared to other parts of the city. Mobile speed enforcement will be used in schools zones, areas that experience a spike in traffic crashes, and areas that receive complaints from citizens. Permanent warning signs will be placed to notify drivers that they will be entering fixed automated enforcement zones. The mobile unit will also place a warning sign in areas in which they are conducting enforcement. Initially, the threshold for receiving an automated speeding citation will be twelve or more miles per hour over the posted speed limit. Drivers should be reminded that officers in squad cars observing a speeding violation still have the discretion to write citations for any amount over the limit.