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The Fire Administration consists of the Fire Chief, two Assistant Chiefs (an Operations Chief and the Fire Marshal), a Management Analyst, and an Administrative Assistant.

The primary functions of this division are:

Policy Development: The Fire Administration Team is responsible for developing policies and procedures designed to increase the effectiveness of departmental operations and address emergency service needs within the City. In addition, the Administration Team assists with the implementation of new policies and encourages departmental input and recommendations.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: The Davenport Fire Department strives to be innovative and keep apprised of new research, procedures, and studies pertaining to Fire Services. The Fire Administration Team is responsible for reviewing and analyzing methods, equipment, and performance to increase program efficiency and effectiveness and forecast the long-term needs of the department.

Goals and Vision: The Fire Administration Team works diligently to identify the goals and vision of the department. Goals allow the department to forecast our present and future vision for the City’s Fire Services. One way we do this is through our community driven strategic planning process.

A strategic plan is a stepping-stone for establishing a clear direction for the Fire Department. With feedback from internal and external stakeholders, the Fire Department develops a strategic plan that identifies short- and long-term goals and recognizes opportunities for growth as a fire service. The Department recently created a new strategic plan for 2021-2026, which outlines current and future goals and objectives for the next five years.

2021-2026 -Strategic Plan
2017-2022 - Strategic Plan

Budget Development: This involves working with all Divisions of the Fire Department to develop capital and operating budgets. The capital budget includes our buildings, apparatus, and large expenditures, which is amortized over several years. The operating budget consists of wages and benefits, supplies, and services required for day-to-day operations. The current operating budget for the Davenport Fire Department is over $20 million. The Fire protection service is labor intensive with over 90% of the Department’s budget used for employee expenses.

Communications/Accountability: The Davenport Fire Department’s Administration Team regularly provides status reports to the City Administrator and elected officials on departmental operations. In addition, the Davenport Fire Department strives to respond to citizens’ questions and comments in a courteous and timely manner, and provide citizens with annual reports on the operations of the Fire Department.

Emergency Response: The Fire Department responds to emergencies 24/7 when needed and assists the Operations Division in fire suppression activities and responses.