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Rental Property License

All rental property in Davenport must be licensed.  The cost of the license ranges from $30 to $60 per year based on a property's inspection cycle.  Additional inspection fees are charged per a rental property's inspection cycle and inspection findings.

Failure to register a rental property is a $500 fine, plus a citation and placement on an annual inspection cycle.

To apply for a rental license for a previously unlicensed property:

  • The property owner must complete the rental license application found at this link.
  • The property owner and/or manager must complete Landlord Education Assistance Program training, at least once, for all property owned and/or managed. Find details at this link.
  • A staff member will contact the property owner to schedule an initial property inspection.
  • Rental license is issued upon approval of application and inspection.

An invoice is sent to property owners annually for license renewal on currently licensed property.

Has the property's status changed (new manager, phone #, etc.)?  If so, please e-mail us the information that needs to be changed, be sure to include the rental license # or property address.  

It is important for rental property owners to understand the property maintenance code and inspection requirements for rental property to protect their investment, public health and safety and to avoid penalties and fines associated revoked licenses, re-inspections and other property maintenance remedies.  

Find more information and details on property maintenance code, inspections, fees
and fines associated with rental property at this link.