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Utility Bill

  Below is a summary of the parts of your utility bill. 

The Utility bill includes:


1)  Friendly format.

2)  Units are displayed on invoices.  The definition of each unit are:

a. CCF: Centum Cubic Feet or 100 Cubic Feet.  This is a standard unit for measuring water consumption.

b. ERU: ERU represents an equivalent residential unit, which is defined as 2,600 square feet of impervious surface area.  The standard home is 1 ERU. 

3)  Scan line on the bottom of invoice stub.  This allows the Revenue Division to easily process your payments mailed in using a remittance scanner.

4)  The City will continue to invoice sewer using CCF, however Iowa American Water is changing their billing unit of measure to 100 gallons.  To convert your invoice from CCF to 100 gallons you can multiply the CCF on your city invoice by 7.48 or divide the number of 100 gallons on your Iowa American Water by 7.48 to covert to CCF.

5)  The invoice provides an area in the middle of the bill for communication from the City of Davenport.  We encourage you to read this section for current updates in the City.
6)  Invoice Number: Invoices in our last system all started with the letter "S".  Once the conversion occurs, all invoices will be numeric.8)
7)  If you take advantage of Davenport's yard waste cart service, your yard waste cart service fees will now be included on the utility billing statement.  You will no longer receive a separate invoice for this service.
8)  Account Numbers: All account numbers have changed.  We have converted account number to coincide with Iowa American Water Premise Numbers.  This will allow the City to easily reference their system.
9)  Sewer fees are based on two charges, a customer charge and a flow charge.  The new bill itemizes these amounts which were combined in the previous bill format.

If you have any questions or comments about the invoice, please feel free to contact our Revenue division via phone at 563-326-7707 or email us at [email protected].  We are always wanting to find ways to better serve our citizens.