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Special Populations

Special populations programs provide recreation opportunities for persons with special needs, including those with physical, mental or emotional disabilities.  Persons with special needs are encouraged to participate in any of the programs offered by Davenport Parks and Recreation.  Special Populations programs are offered in safe, fun, structured, success-oriented environments in areas of sports & fitness, arts, independent living skills, social activities and special events.  The goal of each program is for the participants to have fun while learning a new skill, improving their physical fitness, or making new friends along the way.  Registration is required for participation and class size is limited to assure quality instruction.

Davenport Parks and Recreation believes that all individuals should be provided with recreation opportunities that allow for performance at their highest level of ability.  

Davenport Parks and Recreation welcomes and encourages the participation of children and adults with disabilities in all of its programs.  Davenport Parks and Recreation makes every reasonable effort to ensure that programs, activities and services are readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.  Reasonable accommodations will be attempted for all programs.

Davenport Parks and Recreation fully supports and complies with the efforts of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  Davenport Parks and Recreation recognizes that the ADA meets minimum standards for inclusion and, as such, we strive to exceed the standards whenever possible and practical.  We do this by incorporating inclusive design elements in parks, programs and through on-going park renovation projects.  Our programs, services and activities are accessible to all individuals with disabilities.  

Inclusion Provides:

  • A chance for individuals to participate in recreation and leisure activities

  • Opportunities to increase skills and confidence

  • Recreation opportunities for individuals with special needs in an environment which is natural, positive and supportive

  • Support from peers, staff and the community

How to be included:
To ensure appropriate accommodations are met, participants in need of accommodations must register at least two (2) weeks in advance of a class or program's start date.  At that time, individuals requesting modifications or auxiliary aids/services shall provide Davenport Parks and Recreation with notice that they seek an accommodation.  The participant can do this by checking yes on the registration form stating that they require special accommodations.  The accommodation notice allows Davenport Parks and Recreation to evaluate and find the appropriate assistance, but will also continue to monitor progress throughout the program.  This is done through ongoing communications with staff and the individual's family members if necessary.