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2020 Construction Includes $28 M in Improvements

Many Projects are Scheduled for the 2020 Construction Season
Posted on 03/09/2021
Many Projects are Scheduled for the 2020 Construction Season

March 9, 2021

You talked, and we listened. Davenport made a bold move to increase its investment in City infrastructure in 2020, and with those funds, look at what we got accomplished! Of course, there was and is some inconvenience with modernization, but the trade-off was well worth it.

Check out this video overview of the 2020 construction season.

February 23, 2020
Streets and sewers continue to be a priority for Davenport in 2020. Investing $28 M in improvements this year; that is a 47.3 % in non-grant Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funds in FY 2019. 

The season will bring work to many high traffic and neighborhood streets and sewers. Look for a head’s up on upcoming projects and better roads ahead as the construction season begins.In terms of projects, the investment means rehabilitation of:

  • 964 manholes
  • Portions of 26 high traffic streets
  • Portions of 41 neighborhood streets

Look for news on upcoming projects and better roads ahead as the construction season begins.

Some of the major sewer and street rehabilitation projects include:

  • E 53rd St between Brady and Eastern
  • W 53rd St between Candlelight Creek and Northwest Blvd
  • Portions of River Dr between McClellan and Marquette (part of abandoning the 1930’s sewer)
  • Division St between 4th and 9th Streets
  • Division St Bridge Deck Repair at Duck Creek
  • Locust St between Gaines and Harrison
  • Jersey Ridge Rd between Central Park and George Washington
  • 2nd St between Brady and the Government Bridge
  • Main St between River Dr and 3rd St
  • Kimberly Rd between 32nd St and the Duck Creek Bridge
  • Slopertown Rd between Division and Harrison
  • W 76th St between the 400 and 1200 blocks
  • 46th St between Brady and Northwest Blvd
  •  2nd and Marquette St Sewer Separation
  • Marquette St between 46th and Royal Oaks

Neighborhood projects will include, but is not limited to:

  • 76th and Vine
  • W 11th St between Hidden Valley and Wisconsin
  • Elmwood between 61st and 62nd Streets
  • W 60th between Thornwood and Pine
  • W 13th St between Stark and Zenith 
  • 29th St between Washington Lane and Washington 
  • 39th and Forest intersection

As we enter the construction season, please be reminded to expect the unexpected when driving in or near work zones. Roadway work zones can be dangerous for workers and drivers. For the safety of our employees and others working in the roadway, we ask everyone to pay attention to signs, slow down, and to prepare for possible delays.