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Sand and Sandbags

TImage of sandbagshe city's Public Works Department makes sand and sandbags available to private property owners to assist property owner's in protecting their property and reducing their flood risk during riverine flood events.


Full sandbags are provided as they are available. Generally, due to available resources, property owners may only receive empty sandbags and sand to produce their own sandbags.  


Depending on available resources, property owners may have to pick up their sandbags. Staff is not always available for delivery. 


A resource sheet on filling sandbags and proper placement are provided when resources are picked up.


When the flood plan is active, property owners will find information here on how to request sandbags, arrangements for pickup or delivery, and the type of resources available. Information on sandbag disposal will also be found here during flood recovery. 


Temporary Barrier Sand

The city can assist with sand for temporary barriers. Call 563.326.7923 for more details.