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2022 Flood Response

2022 Flood Response
Posted on 06/03/2022
2022 Flood Response

06/03/22 | 2:45 p.m. 
With the river falling to 13 FT, Davenport will have S Concord between River Dr and Wapello re-opened by the end of the day, Friday, June 3. Response to this event is closed.

05/27/22 | 9:30 a.m. 
The minor bump in river level we reported yesterday has arrived earlier and may crest a little higher at 13.7 FT on Sunday, May 29.  With water beginning to encroach on the road, some covering will occur at these levels, and the reason S Concord will be closed between Wapello and River Dr beginning later this morning, Friday, May 27.  River levels are expected to recede below 13 FT around Friday, June 3.

With the closure of Concord, visitors to the Davenport Compost Facility will need to use Rockingham Rd, to Wapello to Railroad St.

Crews will continue monitoring conditions and are ready to respond.

05/26/22 | 7:00 a.m. 
Rains to the north this week are expected to bump the Mississippi up to just above the flood action stage of 13 FT on Monday, May 30, with an expected crest at 13.5 FT.  This minor bump will cause no inconvenience; however, crews will continue monitoring and are ready to respond should things change.

04/29/22 | 10:15 a.m. 

With the Mississippi River dropping below 13 FT action stage, Davenport is closing out response to minor flooding in southwest Davenport. S Concord has been re-opened, and appropriate pumps and gates returned to normal conditions.

04/25/22 | 11:00 a.m. 
The Mississippi River reached a little over 14 FT overnight and is expected to crest at 14.2 FT today, April 25. The National Weather Service forecast indicates the river is not likely to fall to 13 FT until Thursday, April 28. S Concord will remain closed between River Dr and Wapello until later this week. We will keep the public updated if a significant change in the river stage is expected.

04/22/22 | 9:30 a.m. 
A minor bump in river level will lead to S Concord closing between River Dr and Wapello later today into Tuesday, April 26. The current river level is 12.45 FT and is forecast to reach Flood Action Stage of 14.2 FT on Monday, April 25. At this time, the change in river level is expected to be short-term and quickly fall. Those planning a visit to our Compost Facility should access the facility via Rockingham Rd to Wapello to Railroad Ave. Appropriate pumps have been set, and gates closed for this river stage.  We will keep the public updated if river stages change significantly.

The National Weather Service issued its last spring flood outlook for the season on March 10.

The weather over the two-week period reduced probabilities for flooding slightly. The most significant factor to consider in the coming weeks remains how fast snow will melt to the North and how much soil in that area can absorb. Factoring that in, our partners mentioned we have a fair level of capacity in the system for receiving run-off at this time. For now, chances remain relatively low for levels to reach above 16 FT, and a 50 – 75% chance of reaching 14 FT which is one foot below minor flood stage.

We will continue working with our weather partner and monitoring the forecast closely through the Spring. While the forecast continues to lean toward normal to low flood risk, our flood team remains ready and prepared to respond.

Our preparedness partners at the National Weather Service issued their second of three spring flood outlook briefings on February 24. There has been a “modest” change in the outlook due to recent heavy snows to the north and increased liquid-equivalent since the first forecast. Forecast probabilities currently range from a 25 to 50% chance of exceeding moderate flood stage of 16 FT and 10 to 25% probability for exceeding 18 FT mid-April to early May.

Only time will tell, volatile weather patterns could produce more snow/rain to the north in the coming weeks, and as always, chances are dependent on the rate of snowmelt (rapid or slow).

While the forecast continues to lean toward minor inconvenience, our flood team remains at the ready and prepared to respond. 

Our friends at the National Weather Service issued the first of three spring flood outlook briefings on February 10. With probabilities ranging from 10 to 25% for exceeding 15 FT at this time, the National Weather Service reported a near to below normal risk for flooding based on current data. Although we may see little inconvenience or challenge from the Mississippi this year, keep in mind the forecast is early. Rest assured - we are ready for whatever comes our way.

Improvements to the flood plan have been made, and being the resilient community we are here in #Davenport, we are preparing for all conditions that might arise. And, if you are a property or business owner in the floodplain, you should prepare too.

Property owners can find a wealth of resources at

In related news, work is already underway to improve the plan by implementing actions identified in the City’s recently completed Flood Resilience Study as funding is available. Activities coming up include improvements to the berm along Black Hawk and Walnut Creeks in southwest Davenport and storm sewer improvements along River Dr from 3rd to Federal Streets. In addition, the City is in the early stages of selecting an engineering firm to install a berm at the Water Pollution Control Plant and improve pumping operations.

The Weather Service will release two more updates. One on February 24, and one on March 10. We will keep you updated.