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Davenport Redistricting Maps

Davenport Ward and Precinct Boundary Updates
Posted on 11/16/2021
Davenport Ward and Precinct Boundary Updates

Every ten years in the year after the US Census is taken the City must adjust its ward and precinct boundaries based upon population shifts and changes in the state legislative district boundaries. A Public Hearing will be held and the first consideration of the Ordinance that sets forth the proposed boundaries will be presented to City Council during tomorrow evening’s Committee of the Whole Meeting. The new boundaries reflect the underlying state law criteria; for example, contiguousness, compactness, and following state legislative district boundaries. City GIS staff has done a great job implementing the nonpartisan rules.

City staff recently met with the County Auditor and her staff to go over the proposed map. The Auditor's office made a suggestion to improve the draft in regards to keeping St. Ambrose's dormitories with the same precinct and the current draft incorporates that. The proposed map moves the least amount of voters and maintains compact wards.

For election purposes, this map will apply to the first election after final sign off by the Iowa Secretary of State's office. The current addresses of Council Members and Council Members-elect are not allowed to be considered in setting the boundaries. If someone is displaced, they will represent the ward number they were elected to represent regardless of their residency. For subsequent elections, they must either change residency or seek election to the ward they reside in.

View the map online at the link below.