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EPA Grant Received for Equipment Replacement

EPA Grant Received for Equipment Replacement
Posted on 08/04/2021
EPA Grant Received for Equipment Replacement

Davenport’s most recent additions to the fleet will help further the City’s commitment to reducing operational emissions.

With a $116,250 in grant assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Diesel Emissions Reduction Act funds, the City purchased three new lower emissions (meeting Tier 4 NOx standards) and fuel-efficient dump trucks. The new trucks replace three older models in use for 20 years, improving air quality and protecting the health of our citizens and visitors.

Of significance, the City of Davenport was the only municipal government in the state of Iowa to receive a DERA grant award in 2020.

While ongoing effort is being made to cycle out older higher emission equipment, it is worthy to note that the City uses 11% Biodiesel fuel from April to November and E87 unleaded year-round to reduce its impact on our environment.