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LeClaire and Iowa Street Reconstruction

LeClaire and Iowa Street Reconstruction
Posted on 09/16/2022
LeClaire and Iowa Street Reconstruction

Street reconstruction on LeClaire between 6th and 8th Streets and brick road restoration on neighboring 7th St between Iowa and LeClaire Streets has been re-opened to traffic. The contractor will be on-site for another week or so for finish work.

The LeClaire St and 7th Street reconstruction project has been buzzing right along. The contractor finished reconstruction of LeClaire between 6th and 8th on Friday, July 8 and is moving onto reconstruction of the historic brick on 7th St between LeClaire and Iowa Streets next week. Sidewalk reconstruction along the LeClaire St stretch is also expected to begin in the coming week.  The entire project is estimated to wrap-up late August.

A project to reconstruct the road and improve the sanitary and storm sewers along LeClaire St between 6th and 8th Streets and 7th St between LeClaire and Iowa will begin on Monday, April 11. On the 11th, the intersection of LeClaire at 6th St will be closed. Shortly after, work is expected to move north on LeClaire with a lane reduction, leaving only one lane of southbound travel for local traffic. Residents have been notified. The general traveling public should avoid the area and note an adjacent lane restriction on Federal St for private development. 

Due to the historic designation of 7th St and the adjacent area, a professional archaeologist will be on hand during portions of the project as improvements are made. Oversight is as required by the State Historic Preservation Office and associated federal grant funds being used to complete the project.

As work progresses, the intersection of 6th and LeClaire will be re-opened, and E 7th St will be closed between Iowa and LeClaire. This historically-protected E 7th St brick street will be fully closed while restoration activities occur.

The project is estimated to be complete in mid-August, pending weather and subsurface conditions.