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Main St Sewer Improvements

Main St Sewer Improvements
Posted on 11/13/2020
Main St Sewer Improvements

Main St has fully re-opened following sewer main and pavement improvements. Connections along Beiderbecke Dr will continue through the fall before the project is fully complete. 


Work on the new sewer main is coming along. Main St re-opened between River Dr and 2nd St, but remains closed between 2nd and 3rd.  Expect the remainder of work to be complete in early November. 

 The new sewer main under Main St was successfully installed using a trenchless pipe bursting technique earlier in the week!  Using the less invasive technique will result in significant savings due to less time, material and equipment. The savings will be re-allocated to other great infrastructure projects ahead. The entire project is estimated to be complete by late October, early November.

Things will be loud on Main St, and in and around Main St, on Tuesday, September 22, when the contractor uses a pipe bursting technique to trenchlessly pull new sewer pipe into place on Main St from south of River Dr. The public should avoid the area on this date.

Of note, the technique being used is new to Davenport and has been successfully used on projects across the country. It is possible things will not go as planned, and we are prepared to address the situation if it occurs. If all goes as planned, the potential savings that can be allocated to other projects is significant.

The work zone on the Main St sewer project has been extended to 3rd St. Watch for more details next week when pipe bursting is scheduled to take place.


Work will return to Main St between River Dr and 2nd St on Monday, June 15th.  The road will be closed through the end of July for sewer main improvements.


Work to install a new sewer main under Main St between River Dr and 3rd St is temporarily suspended due to river levels combined with recent rain and high water tables.

This work is tentatively rescheduled to begin around mid-June, pending favorable conditions.

Work to install a new sewer main under Main St between Beiderbecke and approximately 3rd St has been underway between River Dr and Beiderbecke for the last few months (when the Mississippi has been below flood stage). The next phases of the project will involve some pretty innovative sewer work starting the week of May 18th when the closure of Main St between River Dr and approximately 3rd St will be necessary. What’s unique about this phase is that plans are to implode the existing sewer main in-place and install the new sewer main by sliding it into place under the pavement. Manhole repairs and reconnecting adjacent facilities to the new sewer main will also be completed as part of the project.

The Main St Ramp will be accessible from Brady St during the project.

Lane reductions on River Dr are possible as work progresses. Stay tuned for alerts.

Work is estimated to be complete in early July.