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Riverfront Railroad Track Restoration

Riverfront Railroad Track Restoration
Posted on 12/18/2020
Riverfront Railroad Track Restoration

View larger image of project scope. 

The railroad crossing restoration work is complete, and all related road closures have been lifted.

Minor site restoration work such as seeding and completion of nearby CBQ parking lot will occur in the Spring.

Riverfront rail crossing restoration is coming to a close.  Expect finish work at Harrison and Gaines to be complete by December 11.  Work on the Perry and Pershing crossings, along with the CBQ Parking Lot will not be complete until the spring of 2021 when the construction season resumes.

Railroad crossing restoration work at River Heritage Park should be complete in the next week. Restoration at Gaines and the Pershing/Perry area will be complete in late November.


Railroad crossing restoration Harrison and adjacent to Beiderbecke should be complete next week. Restoration work at River Heritage Park will follow in early to mid-November, with work at Gaines and the Pershing Perry area being complete in November.

Work on the riverfront rail crossing restoration will continue through mid-to-late November. Crossing work at Brady and Ripley Streets is complete. The crossing work at River Heritage Park should be complete by mid-to-late October, with work on Gaines and the Pershing/Perry area being complete in November.

Ripley has re-opened south of River Dr following rail restoration.  Harrison St has closed south of River Dr for rail crossing restoration in this area. 

Work to restore the tracks on Ripley, Brady, and at River Heritage Park continues.  Work to restore the tracks at Gaines St begin earlier in the week. A few of the crossings will wrap up by the end of the month. Check out the details at this link.

Things are moving right along with the railroad crossing restoration work along the riverfront.  The crossing at Marquette St was re-opened earlier in the week, and we are expecting landscaping work at the Brady St crossing to be complete by the end of August.  Work on Ripley and Beiderbecke will continue through early September.  Coming up next, work to restore the crossing at River Heritage Park will begin Monday, August 24th.  This work will require the right eastbound lane to be closed between 3rd and 4th Streets and the right eastbound lane on 3rd St. 

Marquette re-opened south of River Dr at the railroad tracks. Just in time, as River Dr is closed at Gaines St for work on the 1930's Sewer Interceptor project.  More updates to come soon on other crossings. 


Rail restoration on the riverfront remains a little behind schedule. Canadian Pacific rail reports the Marquette crossing will not re-open until around Friday, August 10th. Excuse our mess as work will continue on the 1930’s Sewer Interceptor abandonment and rail restoration projects through the fall. View Map.


The Marquette St railroad crossing project is a week behind schedule, expect to see re-opening late next week. View Map.


Intermittent closure of the right eastbound lane of River Dr will occur through September as the railroad makes sidewalk and approach improvements as part of the rail restoration project. 

Work on Ripley and Marquette crossings continues. Work to restore the crossing at Brady has also started. The expected completion date for the Brady St crossing is early August.


Railroad crossing restoration work will close Ripley from River Dr to Beiderbecke and portions of Beiderbecke beginning Friday, June 27 through approximately Saturday, August 1.  Restoration activities at the cross on Marquette, south of River Dr, continue. 


Work to restore the railroad tracks at Marquette St will begin Monday, June 15th. Expect this work to be complete by the end of July pending weather.

You can access the Marquette St Dog Off-Leash Park by taking Gaines to Beiderbecke; however, the recycling drop-off containers will be inaccessible at this location beginning Monday.  Look for an update next week about a possible temporary solution.

Restoration of the tracks at Ripley will begin later in the month after water main improvements are made in the area.

Railroad crossing restoration will continue through the summer/fall. Gaines St, Harrison St and River Heritage crossings will all be restored.  Current structures at Perry will be removed and a new crossing constructed at Pershing.


During the spring floods of 2019, Canadian Pacific Railway raised their tracks along the riverfront to allow the agency to run trains up to a 21 FT river level. Since that time City officials and the Riverfront Improvement Commission have been working on a pedestrian and vehicular restoration plan for the heightened crossings that is complimentary to the current RiverVision plans.

Beginning the week of June 15th, work to restore the first crossing will begin at Marquette St.  Restoration will require closure of Marquette south of River Dr through mid-July.  Once restored, work on the following crossings will begin, in no particular order.

  • Road Access:  Gaines, Ripley, Harrison, Pershing and River Heritage Park.
  • Pedestrian Access: Brady St and Main St.
  • The crossing will not be restored at Perry.

Find more background information at the links below.