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SeeClickFix | New Citizen Reporting Tool

City of Davenport Launches a New Citizen Reporting Tool
Posted on 01/12/2021
City of Davenport Launches a New Citizen Reporting Tool

The City of Davenport's Public Works and Development & Neighborhood Services Departments are excited to announce changes to their digital work order request system. The public will find communicating issues easier than ever as the departments transition to SeeClickFix, a citizen engagement product.

Public Works Director Nicole Gleason was excited to speak about the change, noting, "The new system includes the ability for two-way communication with citizens, and feedback when work is complete, something not available with past request applications. The move will result in significant improvement in the way we communicate with citizens who place requests for service."

Seamlessly tied to the City's Asset Management and Geographic Information systems, "Citizens need only download the app, register or create an account, and immediately begin reporting with ease," said Director Nicole Gleason. "A web-based portal is also available for ease of use and access by individuals who prefer to use more traditional technology."

Individuals using the agency's past YourGov app or website should remove the app and old bookmarks for the best possible experience reporting issues.  Downloading the free SeeClickFix app is easy on GooglePlay and the AppStore. Web-based users can go directly to SeeClickFix at or access the link by visiting

While users will have to register or create an account to use the system, anonymity options are available. Registering or creating an account provides a path for two-way communication and status feedback. Those worried about anonymity need only select the option to make their information (Name and E-mail address) available to public works or hide it.  Hiding it means users still receive the feedback when signed into the app or account, but name and e-mail address are not shared with the city.

Once in the application, users will find entering the address or swiping, pinching, and clicking the address is simple to do on both the web and mobile platforms. Other features of the web and mobile application include easy photo upload to support and prioritize citizen requests.  Development & Neighborhood Services Director Rich Oswald noted, "When it comes to nuisance properties, garbage and weeds, a photo can speak volumes and substantially support enforcement activities when enforcement is needed."

The mobile app also features other great resources not usually available in one spot. The robust app includes links to directly call Public Works and answers for frequently asked and reported items, such as street light outages and solid waste collection schedules. Bonus, to keep impacted groups informed, neighbors and other community members can share the request submitted with each other via text and e-mail.

With thousands of city assets to maintain, input from citizens is valuable to us. Davenport Public Works and the Development & Neighborhood Services Department look forward to improved engagement with our citizens' thanks to these new tools.