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Clean Water Program

Clean Water Program

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Under the City's clean water program residential property owners are charged a flat rate of $3.06 monthly. Non-residential customers within the City are being charged $3.06 a month for every 2,600 square feet of impervious or hard surface area on their property. This fee is used for the maintenance, repair and improvement of the City's stormwater drainage systems.

The funding approach for both residential and non-residential customers is based on the amount of hard surfaces such as driveway and roofs found on properties. Why hard surfaces? Hard surfaces prevent rainwater from being absorbed into the ground which results in an increased amount of runoff to the storm sewers and creeks. This method of calculating charges has been legally accepted throughout the country. The amount of hard surfaces for all non-single-family residential properties was calculated by using a computer software program, aerial photographs and parcel data provided by the Scott County Auditor's Office.