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Todd Whitchelo

Emergency Medical Services

The Davenport Fire Department is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) non-transport agency that responds to over 10,000 EMS calls annually. The DFD works cooperatively with the local not-for-profit transport service, MEDIC, to provide premier medical care to our community. All fire apparatuses are equipped with defibrillators, Lucas Devices, and a full complement of ALS gear including advanced airway equipment and drug boxes. Half of DFD responders are EMT-certified, with the other half-certified as Paramedic-level providers. The agency employs a dedicated EMS Officer (Captain), and a physician who serves as Medical Director to provide training, guidance, and oversight. The agency and transport provider work under the same set of medical protocols and employ similar, compatible EMS equipment.

Since the inception of the Paramedic level engine companies in 1995, there have been many changes to pre-hospital care. Science and technology have provided innovative equipment and medications. Some of the advanced competences Paramedics may currently perform include pulse oximetry, external cardiac pacing, cricothyrotomy, interosseous infusions, 12 - lead EKG's, chest decompression, medication delivery, and endotracheal intubation.



The Davenport Fire Department collaborates with the Davenport Police Department for the Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) program. All TEMS members are seasoned Paramedics within the Davenport Fire Department. The TEMS team members accompany the Davenport Police Department’s (DPD) Emergency Services Team (EST) during high-level risk calls such as high-risk warrants, standoffs, etc. Members of our team train and work together with the DPD Emergency Services Team, allowing for a unified approach to critical incidents. We assist DPD in the treatment of their personnel and are able to provide medical knowledge at the scene to assist in decision-making processes.

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